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Getting to Know: Kate Trueblood

Kate Trueblood is a 4-year senior on the Penn varsity volleyball team. It’s been a big part of her life and now it’s her final year playing as a Kingsmen.


What position do you play? Can you explain it in depth?

“I play Middle, this basically means during plays I am in the front row and in the middle of the two-pin hitters. My job as a middle is to block during defense and to hit during the offense. The biggest part of my position is moving along the net to block every hit.”


What’s something the team is doing this year to bounce back from the big loss last year?

“Something our team is doing is focusing on the little things in our play, whether that is going back to the basics of things we want to make sure our skills are able to handle every challenge that is thrown at us.”


How long have you been playing and what made you start playing?

“I have been playing since fourth grade. I started playing because a lot of my friends had started playing and had a lot of fun doing it.”


As a senior this year, do you feel that you have taken on a bigger role?

“Yes, as a senior I feel I have taken on the role of communication and helping my teammates know where players on the other side are or things that might work for us to score.”


What is different about last year compared to this year?

“This year is different because after last year we know what it takes to get back to that point and farther and we are definitely working hard every day so that we can make that happen.”


What’s different about freshman year at volleyball compared to your senior year now?

“Senior year is very different because the game becomes faster than at the freshman level. Senior year is also different because over the past four years I have grown to be really good friends with the other seniors that I was just starting to get to know when I was a freshman.”


Any advice to underclassmen that are athletes?

“Some advice I would give to underclassmen is to take every opportunity to get better. Take every chance to get in the gym and improve your skills.”


What’s your go-to meal before every game?

“My meal before games is pasta salad.”

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