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Getting to know: Alyssa Messenger

Alyssa Messenger’s exceptional swimming career started at the young age of five, and since then she has constantly caused the team, coaches, and crowd to be in awe at her skills. She helped the Kingsmen upset South Bend St. Joseph for the Sectional Championship.

What are your proudest moment in your swimming career?: Winning NIC, Sectionals, and having Junior Nationals. As well as making it to state as a freshman

What are some struggles of being a swimmer?: Continuously working hard for weeks but not going my best time at meets

How did you first get into swimming?: My mom swam all throughout her life, and she is currently working as a coach at Concord Swim Club. 

What motivates you to continue your swimming career?: Definitely my friends and coaches, always cheering me on and being a positive role model. 

What are your personal goals?: Breaking the school record for the 100 backstroke, placing top 16th at State, and making summer Junior Nationals. 

How do you mentally and physically prepare yourself for a meet?: I usually don’t get very nervous, I listen to music, and I enjoy dancing with my teammates. 

How do you balance school and swimming?: I try my best to do my homework the day I get it, as well as always putting time away to study for my tests and quizzes. 

How do you get the most out of each swimming practice?: I always try my best to focus on the things I need improvement on. Like working on my turns, because those are my weakness.

How do you react to a bad race or practice?: I ask my coach what I did wrong and what things I could do better. From their feedback I make sure to target those things at my next practice.

How do you help your teammates improve?: I encourage them to try their hardest. Cheering them on at practices and meets and always motivating them.

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