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Getting to Know: Wallace Kennech

Wallace Kennech is a senior varsity starter on the Penn Football Team. He is a selfless player and will do whatever it takes to do what needs to get done. The defensive tackle is ready for this upcoming season.

What have you found the most challenging with playing high school football?

” The competition. Day in and day out there’s always someone else fighting for your spot. It keeps me working hard to be the best I can be

Who has inspired you to keep pushing yourself?

” My family. I love my family a lot and they all inspire me in different ways to keep myself pushing forward.

Do you see yourself playing at the next level? If so, why do you want to make it there?

“Yes, I do see myself playing at the next level. It’s been the plan since day one. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a little kid playing rocket football.

When did you realize football was truly the sport you loved?

“When I started rocket football. Hitting somebody for the first time really made me fall in love with the sport. I’m the youngest of 11 so I was used to hitting people bigger than me so it was just natural for me.”

How do you and your teammates make practice fun

“We are always cracking jokes and dancing in practice but we know when to get down to work.”

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