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Getting to know: Vincent Nierzwicki-Trifiletti

Vincent Nierzwicki-Trifiletti competes for the Penn Boys Soccer Team, and also runs hurdles for the Kingsmen Track Team.

Who do you look up to for inspiration in soccer?: Cristiano Ronaldo, because he is No. 1.

How do you plan on achieving your goals in athletics?: Waking up earlier and getting an extra workout before school.

Favorite motivational quote?: Hustle until you don’t have to struggle.

What is the best thing about competing for you?: After the game you know you gave it all you got and it’s good to feel/know you did your best.

How many times do you workout a week?: Nine.

Is it hard to balance two sports?: No, because they are in different seasons.

Do you plan on doing any sports in college?: Yes, just track.

How does athletics make you a better student or worker?: It makes me aware of my time, so I can have good time management, and I can have better schedules to go off of.

What are your events in track?: I run the 110-meter hurdles, 300-meter hurdles, and also high jump.

Which sport do you like better, Soccer or Track?: Soccer, because there is more action in it, while track is kind of just yourself.

What does losing feel like to you?: It’s exciting because it shows what I need to improve on or get better at for next time.

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