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Getting to Know: Reilly Schramski

Name: Reilly Schramski 

Class: 2024

Sport: Football

Twitter: ReillySchramski

Instagram: ryschram9

Hashtag that best describes your philosophy: #keeppushingforward

What has prepared you for this upcoming game against Crown Point, while competing for a regional championship?: In the past few weeks we have played many teams with very good defenses, so we feel that playing good competition and practicing with intent gives us the upper hand. 

How often do you guys practice, and what are the most beneficial drills you get out of it?: We practice five days a week, Monday-Thursday and Saturday mornings, and the most beneficial thing for me is scout team at practice, because it really gives us an in depth look into what we are going to see on Friday. 

How have you and your team prepared for this moment?: Being a tight-knit group and playing in big games earlier in the year gives us a “never giving up” mentality, so that no matter how hard things get in the game, we look forward instead of dwelling on past plays. 

What are some key factors that will play into winning the regional championship?: We need to win the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and be locked in on our assignment. If we limit the mistakes and keep a positive mindset throughout the game, we will put ourselves into position to win the game. 

How often do you watch films, and what do you study most?: I’d say I watch at least 15-30 minutes of film daily, and I study mostly the stunts that the defense runs on their front and with backers, but also the way the defensive lineman use their hands and what moves and techniques they use in the pass rush game. 

How confident are you going into this game?: I am very confident in our team’s ability. We are a very close group of seniors and we are a very relentless team. We don’t give up when things get difficult, and things are going to get difficult tonight. If we can limit mistakes, we will pull through. 

Who has helped you to get to this point of the season?: Our defense as a whole has held up strong all year long. When the offense has had its struggles, the defense is always there to back us up and win the ballgame. Our ability to rely on one another has made us a really great team. 

How is the culture within Penn football, and how has it impacted you?: The culture inside of Penn football has always been ‘be the example.’ We need to work hard and stay positive through rough patches because many people throughout the school look up to us. This has really allowed me to become a better person, because I treat every moment like someone is watching, and I always try to do the right thing. 

What are you most excited for about Regionals?: I am most excited about the opportunity to win another ball game and keep this great season with my teammates going just a little bit longer. It would be my first Regional championship, so the opportunity to put another trophy in the trophy case is great. 

How have the other three years in high school prepared you to be an offensive line starter?: In both my sophomore and junior years, I played a lot of scout team in practice. The opportunity to play against the starters everyday in practice has made such a big difference in my performance on the field, but has also made me mentally stronger and taught me to fight through the struggle and to be a team player and play your role on the team.  


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