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Getting To Know: Payton Horner

Payton Horner is a Junior on Penn Kingsmen Varsity Football Team.

How is your season going so far?: Pretty good. Our seniors have been leading really well and I think we can make a run in the playoffs.

What did you do in the off season to prepare for this football season?: Workouts as much as I could and also watching film on the other teams we are playing this season.

Are there any games that you are excited to play in this year?: The Mishawaka game is a great rivalry, also a game I’m excited for is the Elkhart game because of how close it was last year.

What’s the atmosphere on the team like this year?: A lot of leaders, no matter if it’s a senior, junior, sophomore … everyone is just trying to make each other better.

Who do you look up to on the team?: I would say my older brother. We have been playing together since we started and we both play the same position, so I think he’s a good person to learn from and look up to.

Do you have any superstitions you do before the game?: No, not really.

Who’s your favorite NFL player?: Sauce Gardner.

What’s your favorite drill at practice?: I would say 7-on-7’s or the 2-minute drill.

What song gets you hyped before game time?: Mostly just rap songs and stuff like that.

How far do you think Penn can go this year?: I think we could make a very far run and hopefully win a state championship. Everyone believes we can and we are all working for that.

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