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Getting to Know: Nate Batchelor

Nate Batchelor is a starting JV cornerback for the Penn Football Team . Batchelor has been a cornerback for 3 straight years at Penn, but also played cornerback in middle school. He recently suffered from a broken thumb, but is still cleared to play with it.


Why do you like playing football?

“I like playing football because it is really fun and we are all a big family.”


Who is your favorite NFL player and why?

“Probably Debo Samual just because he is used in many different ways and he is just fun to watch.”


Who do you feel is the biggest leader on the team?

“One of the biggest leaders has to be Nolan McCullough. He pushes everyone to be the best and works extremely hard himself.”


What is your favorite part about practice?

“My favorite part of practice is in our individual with all of the dbs. We laugh and talk and go against each other which is always fun.”


Are you thinking about continuing your football career in the future?

“I think If I’m going to play sports after college it would probably be basketball, but I wouldn’t mind playing football if given the opportunity.”

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