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Getting to Know: Langston Artrip

Langston Artrip is a Sophomore Soccer Player on Penn High School’s Varsity Soccer Team.

What were the highlights of your soccer season at Penn? Any memorable moments or achievements?: My highlight was winning sectionals. It was a great time and a well-deserved trophy.

Can you tell me about your journey in soccer, from when you first started playing to now?: I first started playing in Plymouth. I made the travel team and played there for two years. I then moved to Echo, where I played for three years. As regards to high school, I played at LaVille first and then transferred to Penn.

How has your experience playing soccer at Penn impacted your personal growth and development?: Overall, it has tremendously improved me in every aspect of life, whether it’s on the field or off of it.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a soccer player, and how have you overcome them?: Just to find true passion and love for the game. I thought of it as a chore at first but playing more made me fall in love with the game more.

Who has been the biggest influence or mentor in your soccer journey: My stepdad; he introduced me to the sport as he played in high school at Bremen.

In what ways has soccer shaped your identity and influenced your life outside of the game?: It has given me leadership skills and communication skills, both which are valuable to real-life skills.

What are your goals and aspirations as a soccer player, both on and off the field?: I just want to be successful in life. If that comes on the pitch or if it comes with a different occupation, I will be fulfilled in life.

How do you see soccer continuing to be a part of your life in the future, and what role do you hope it will play?: I want to hopefully keep the tradition going and introduce my kids to the sport and hopefully have it teach it the same skills it taught me.

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