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Getting to Know: Ethan Good

Ethan Good plays basketball for the Penn Kingsmen Basketball Varsity team. This will be his second year playing varsity basketball for the Fighting Kingsmen.


What is your workout/practice schedule like?  

¨I workout everyday, either in my driveway for basketball or in my basement for weights. Train twice a week with a trainer. Open gym is just now starting and we’ll have that every day after school.¨


When you are not playing basketball, what are some things you enjoy doing?

¨Hanging with friends, watching my brother’s sports games, cooking.¨


How do you stay motivated to continue playing your sport? 

¨I think the love I have for basketball has made it so that I’m always motivated to keep playing and getting better.¨


Do you plan on continuing basketball after high school and forward, if so, which college which you like to play for the most? 

 ¨Yes, I plan on playing basketball in college. Definitely Notre Dame because I’ve been a fan of them my whole life and I live 20 minutes away from campus so my family could come and watch all the home games.¨ 


How did it feel to play varsity basketball as a freshman for the first time? 

¨It was an awesome experience, especially the first game running out on the court with the band playing and everyone cheering. It also made me a much better player being able to play/ practice against such good competition.¨

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