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Getting to Know: Emin Penic

Emin Penic is a senior and plays for the Penn Boys Varsity Soccer Team. He is a CB and has been on the soccer team for four years at Penn.


Do you feel like your team has played to perfection up to this point? If not, what are some of the issues?

“Definitely, I think our team has played well. Maybe not to perfection but we get the job done and that’s most important the end.”


Do you feel confident in your abilities and the team’s ability heading into semi-state?

“Yeah, I really do. I think we have a good chance and a good shot heading to state. The energy around the team is very good. We are very hyped up and excited.”


How do you feel knowing this could be the last game of your high school career?

“It could have been my final game against Chesterton in the first round of sectionals but you know, we just went out there and took care of business. Every game is an opportunity to prolong our career for our high school. It’s nothing crazy for me. I don’t think it’s anything crazy for the other guys as well but we are more excited than nervous.”


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