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Getting to Know: Diego Mota

I met with Diego Mota to ask him 10 questions on how wrestling at Penn High School has been going for him and to just see an insight into what it’s really like.

Why did you choose wrestling?: I chose wrestling because it’s a physical sport that I enjoy to do with my friends.

What was the hardest team to compete against?: The hardest team to compete against in my opinion was Carmel in Indy because the team was pretty skilled.

What influenced you to stay in wrestling for three years?: What influenced me to stay was the coaches. They were very great at coaching us.

What was the hardest thing to do while wrestling?: The hardest thing was to be consistent with showing up to practices because sometimes I didn’t want to go.

How were your teammates?: They were supportive and friendly they helped me out a lot.

Did you have to lose or gain any weight for wrestling: Yes. I wanted to bump up to 150.

When does wrestling start and end?: It starts September 5 and it ends in March.

Are you planning to pursue wrestling in college?: I’m not fully sure yet, but I think that may be a possibility considering how much I like the sport.

Do you have any role models that do wrestling that you look up to?: I look up to Coach Harper because he wrestled for Mishawaka and did really well and I look up to that!

Have you won any matches?: Yes, a lot, and I’m very proud of my hard work and achievements and I want to thank my coaches and team for the help!

What are you looking forward to most this season?: I’m looking forward to improving and continuing to practice the same skills and make them better.

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