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Getting to Know: Chris Pelletier

Chris Pelletier is a Senior Leader for the two-time defending State Champion Penn Baseball Team. The Kingsmen are ranked No. 1 heading into the 2024 season as they seek a Three-peat.

How is the team preparing for the run at their third State Championship in a row?: We are all working hard to work toward our goal of being a 3 time back to back to back state championships. Each one of us has our own role and responsibility to contribute to the team, to overcome this goal.

What things are you implementing from past seniors in your leadership qualities?: I am taking the role of being a senior leader, especially from past senior Zack Pelletier, who is my brother and was the starting catcher, as well as the mental attitude award winner from last year’s team.

What’s the biggest factor in making an environment where everyone is stiving for the same goal? I would say chemistry and leadership are some of the biggest factors when it comes to everyone striving for the same goal because these two things are what can lead us to be very successful as a team.

What’s your go-to pre-game meal?: PB & J, protein bar, and a strawberry banana body armor.

How do you keep calm in high-stress situations, especially as a pitcher?: I like to make sure that I am always staying positive no matter the situation, as well as being confident in every pitch that I throw.

What does Penn baseball bring to the table that other high schools might not have?: Team chemistry is a big one, because no one else within the state of Indiana has the team chemistry like we do. It is what wins us games, but more importantly championships.

What are you most excited for in your senior season?: I am most excited for getting the opportunity to show my skills for one last dance. It has been a great ride in all of my four years thus far, and I am looking to make the most and best out if it.

Who is your favorite MLB player and why?: I would say that Kyle Hendricks, pitcher for the Chicago Cubs because he was such a great pitcher while also being the most nonchalant person as well. No matter the situation he always kept his composure and got out of innings in any way possible.

In your opinion, what makes a great baseball team?: I think that team bonding makes team chemistry which is what makes a baseball team great. There are also a lot of other key things that can make a team great such as talent and whatnot, but in my opinion team chemistry is the most important factor.

What is your advice for younger/incoming Penn baseball players?: My advice for any younger or incoming Penn baseball players is to work hard while you have the time because it goes by way too fast. It still feels like I am still a freshman playing ball on the freshman team, but it is really my senior year on Varsity.

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