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Recruiting Central: Nolan McCullough

Athlete name: Nolan McCullough 

Sports: Football, Basketball, Track 

Graduation year: 2024

Position: Quarterback/Forward/Hurdles 

Height: 6-foot-1

Weight: 180 pounds

Current Weightroom Stats: Bench Press- 225, Front Squat- 265 x 3, Hang Clean- 225, Deadlift- 315 x 5, Backsquat- 315 x 3

Honors/accomplishments (athletic and academic): 4,0 GPA (Sophomore and Freshman years), starting QB Football Records – 7-0 Freshman year, 7-1 Sophomore year.

Head coach/email: Football Head Coach Cory Yeoman, email- 

Highlight video: 

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