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Fighting Irish Football Team practices at Penn

The Kingsmen run out onto the field at Portage.

The University of Notre Dame’s Football Team used Penn High School’s TCU/Freed Field to help prepare for the 2022 season.

On Monday, August 15th, the Fighting Irish pulled up in their own Royal Excursion buses and carried their pads onto the field to worked on preparing for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Penn Football players were invited to come and watch the Irish practice. Players and coaches arrived early to come and watch the team set up their many water stations and to watch the managers get everything in order.

The Irish players got changed into their pads and began to work through warmups.

Sophomore center Connor Koecke appreciated the opportunity to see an elite College Football Team practice.

“I enjoyed seeing their attention to detail in their technique and seeing how much effort they give,” Koecke said of the Irish players’ approach to practice.

After wam-ups, the Irish went through stretching exercises, and music blared through the speakers. Penn players in the stands could feel the bass vibrating.

Penn’s selection as a Notre Dame Football practice site speaks to the quality of Penn’s facilities.

“Notre Dame chose a place that would be a good host, and who has an appropriate field, sound system, scoreboard and is easy to get in and get out of,” Penn Football Head Coach Cory Yeoman said. “Penn has all of those.”

Senior defensive tackle Nick Froehlke also appreciated the opportunity to observe a Notre Dame practice.

Froehlke said he enjoyed seeing how a higher-level team practices and what they do differently than Penn.

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