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Recruiting Central: Evan Knapp

Athlete name: Evan Knapp 

Sport: Tennis

Graduation year: 2025

Position: No. 2 singles varsity 

Height: 5-10 

Weight: 150 pounds

Combine results: Bench 170, Front Squat 250.

Honors/accomplishments (athletic and academic): Statistics:

  •   23-0 at No. 2 doubles varsity last year. 
  •  All-state doubles player.  First-team doubles.
  •  Northern Indiana Conference Champion  for doubles.
  • 4-1 at No. 3 varsity singles last season 
  • Evan Knapp’s current ranking is 16th in the state for his age.
  • Evan Knapp is a 7.76 UTR

Extra-Curricular activities/Service projects: Helped with a tennis non-profit organization called Set, Match in Mishawaka at SBRC.

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