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Getting to Know: Kourtney Hojara

Kourtney Hojara plays Girls Lacrosse for Penn High School.
What made you want to play Lacrosse?: My friends played.
How is the environment of Lacrosse different from Volleyball?: Lacrosse is a lot more new, so it is interesting to be learning.
How do you think the team will play this year?: Really well; we have a good group.
What position do you play?: Defense.
What are you looking forward to most about this upcoming season?: Winning and learning.
What are some important lessons Lacrosse has taught you so far?: Be open to trying new things.
What does a typical practice look like?: We warm up and then we go into shuttle lines. After shuttles we break into teams and go over new plays and different skills we need to learn or improve on.
What is your favorite part about practice?: Learning new skills.
Do you think Lacrosse is something you’ll play later on in life?: Possibly yes.
What is your No. 1 goal for this upcoming season?: Winning as much as possible but also learning to accomplish our goals as a team.

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